Insecurity can be streamed online at:


This was the "official" information website for the 2007 Australian film, Insecurity
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

Insecurity can be streamed online at:


about the film

Insecurity is an Australian-made independently-funded feature film. However, as it's not a typical film in any way, we haven't given it a typical official website for a film, either. What you'll find here is information about the film, the filmmakers, why we made it, how we made it, and information about where to get the film.
You see, we're giving Insecurity away for free.
Insecurity is a hacker film, but rather unlike any you're likely to have seen before. Almost everyone involved in its creation are, to one degree or another, involved in the IT industry or some other nerd subculture - and we've done our best to keep as technically accurate as we can.

Wanky blurb from the back of the DVD:
When offered four thousand dollars to break into a computer network, Leon(Peter Love) and Greg (Kurtis Wakefield) aren't concerned with something as petty as morality.
The only real questions are what complications can arise from hacking into a small home business, what's wrong with the twenty year old daughter Madison (Zoe Tarling)...
... and what should Greg do when his friend can't stop watching the girl on her own webcam - and without her knowledge.

Latest Updates.
05-12-2008 -Our second feature has been released, also under a Creative Commons license - head out and watch Dead Man Drinking!
26-07-2008 - We're now listed on the IMDb.

01-07-2008 - We've now set up a system for paypal donations. If you've got some spare change you want to throw our way, here's where to do it.

Getting the film.
We have released our film for free, under the creative commons 3.0, attribution / non-commercial / no deritive works license. You have several choices where to get the movie.

  • Watch it live through Google Video. The quality is slightly better than what you'd expect from a site like YouTube.
  • Download a ~700mb Divx version via BitTorrent or from the Internet Archive.
  • Purchase the special edition on DVD. Not only will you be supporting indie filmmakers, but you'll get a copy with proper cover-art, at the highest quality available, and with two audio commentaries by cast & crew and making-of featurette.


Reality: So my girlfriends and I decided to stream this film one evening on a whim. We get together once a month to watch little known, or esoteric films. Sometimes we luck out and watch a fantastic little known film, other times, as you would expect, the film is a total dud. Recently I bought a new dog bed for His Dogness, Spitzer, a Yorkshire Terrier and his every faithful companion that I inherited when my parents died, Samuel, a large greyhound. The contrast between the two dogs is hilarious. Likewise the size of their beds. I bought two round luxury dog beds from an online site called Goodnight Dog. The beds look like pillows partly because they are covered in beautiful designer fabrics. Samuel's bed looks like a large floor pillow. Spitzer's bed looks like a large throw pillow that has ended up on the floor. When friends came over the night we watched Insecurity, one friend sat down on Samuel's dog bed pillow and commented about how comfortable my new floor pillow was and another picked up Spitzer's dog bed and tossed it on the sofa assuming that is where it belonged. Both dogs had been in the kitchen eating. When they came back to the living room to settle in, both were surprised not to find their beds. One being occupied by a human and the other on the sofa where neither are allowed to go. Samuel, being the old, chilled dog that he is didn't mind and curled up next to the human that was occupying his bed. Spitzer on the other hand was much disturbed, frustrated because he couldn't get to his coveted bed. Samuel took in the scene, got up, went to the sofa and picked up Spitzer's bed and carried over to his own occupied pillow and dropped it down, reclining once again on the floor. Spitzer immediately scampered over and settled down on his bed. My friends were quiet for a moment and then some one said: "What was that all about?" I found it hilarious, but was able to explain what had just happened between my laughter.

As far as our opinion regarding Insecurity.... We mostly agreed with the IMBd reviewers general comments, but none of us would agree with the assessment that it was one of the best independent films we had seen.



How you can support us.
If you like Insecurity, and want to help the crazy guys who made it with future projects, there's a few easy ways to help out.

  • Purchase a copy of the DVD.
  • Purchase a copy of the soundtrack CD.
  • Purchase an Insecurity t-shirt.
  • Donate some money for our efforts.
  • Let us know! Either drop us an email, or join us on our forums.
  • Tell your friends! Share the link, or a copy of the film in whatever format you have it.

Help us distribute it. Help by seeding our torrent file.

All feature films have goofs, no matter how slight. And when you involve technical elements to the degree we have, it'll be inevitable. Not quite as many as certain other films that have featured 'hacking', but we're still only too aware of them. So - we want you to pick them out!

So far, by my count, there are three goofs I've located. However, I'm going to wait until people mail me about them before I list them here. Feel free to let us know about continuity goofs, too - but technical goofs are our big goal here.

Insecurity is a full-length independent feature-film released for free under a creative commons 3.0 license.

When offered four thousand dollars to break into a computer network, Leon(Peter Love) and Greg (Kurtis Wakefield) aren't concerned with something as petty as morality.

The only real questions are what complications can arise from hacking into a small home business, what's wrong with the twenty year old daughter Madison (Zoe Tarling)...

... and what should Greg do when his friend can't stop watching the girl on her own webcam - and without her knowledge.

You can watch it at:




The Actors

Kurtis Wakefield playing Greg. Kurtis is an actor who started on the stage in Perth but quickly moved into independent filmmaking. This is his third feature film as an actor, amidst many more credits in shorts. Kurtis also pulled huge amounts of weight on Insecurity by setting up shots, lighting design and serving as Assistant Director.

Peter Love playing Leon. Peter is a young actor currently starring in the Australian TV show Pete Boone: Private Eye, screened on Aurora.

Ben Sand playing Kevin. Ben is a career nerd (which is a Good Thing), having spent time repairing computers, performing system builds & installs, and occasionally dabbles in various forms of scripting on his Linux servers. What's this got to do with acting? Nothing! Although some of his pro-Open Source rants did inspire some lines of dialogue given to his character in the film.

Zoe Tarling playing Madison Black. Zoe is a talented musician / actress currently working toward a career in the business-end of the Australian alternative music industry. Her music can be heard over the end credits, and also on the soundtrack cd.

The Principle Crew

Rohan Harris, writer/director/editor/producer. Rohan has been working on independent, zero-budget projects for two years now, starting with various shorts and culminating most recently with this project. He works as a contract software developer to support his film-making, and believes that literally nothing can't be accomplished with the judicious application of Python, PostgreSQL and the tiniest bit of C++. He also prefers either RPM-based distros, or OS X for anything visual.

Jay Mitra, cinematographer/stills photographer. Jay has been an avid stills photographer for some years, and has recently begun working with Rohan as his cinematographer. When not pointing cameras at things, Jay engages in a daily battle against Exchange servers, and enjoys sneaking Linux servers into work when nobody's looking.

David W. Murdoch, executive producer. David has written, produced, directed and edited his own work for years - he has shot shorts on everything from 8mm up to HD.

Peter Beamish, sound recordist/production assistant. Words can't express the gratitude everyone on this project has for Pete's work. However, they can describe some of the hardships, which included: a very cold, uncomfortable place to sit with the sound equipment for hours at a time and working (like the rest of us) on almost no sleep at all for four straight days.

Sean Walsh, musician. Sean's incredible music makes up almost every single track in Insecurity. From fast-paced alternative tracks to remixes like the opening title music Pitt St to the haunting Create the Future played over Madison's webcam footage, we can't stress enough just how important his brilliant work was on this project.

In addition to these people, we also need to think the others who put their time and energy into all stages of this production. These are:

  • Laurel Oades, for designing the web site you're now viewing
  • Jen Greiss, sound recordist and beret connoisseur
  • Louise Bennett, co-producer and a being of the utmost resolve
  • Grant Barrie, for putting up with so much in the same frequency bands as the six trillion crickets that inhabit Sydney, Australia.
  • Terry Lelliott, for his astute eye



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User Review IMDb

Great movie!

******** 12 April 2010 | by gaudstuff

I enjoyed this movie. Would have preferred it to be a little more technical, but I expect some viewers would have preferred less technical. I liked the opening dialog, it kind of set the stage for the moral questions.

The music throughout the film could have been toned down a little, at times it was hard to hear the actors.

A little more information about the job could have been provided, I felt it was a little hard to follow exactly what they were doing the job for other than money.

This is one of the best independent films I've seen!