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Insecurity is an Australian-made independently-funded feature film. However, as it's not a typical film in any way, we haven't given it a typical official website for a film, either. What you'll find here is information about the film, the filmmakers, why we made it, how we made it, and information about where to get the film.

You see, we're giving Insecurity away for free.

Insecurity is a hacker film, but rather unlike any you're likely to have seen before. Almost everyone involved in its creation are, to one degree or another, involved in the IT industry or some other nerd subculture - and we've done our best to keep as technically accurate as we can.

Wanky blurb from the back of the DVD:

When offered four thousand dollars to break into a computer network, Leon(Peter Love) and Greg (Kurtis Wakefield) aren't concerned with something as petty as morality.

The only real questions are what complications can arise from hacking into a small home business, what's wrong with the twenty year old daughter Madison (Zoe Tarling)...

... and what should Greg do when his friend can't stop watching the girl on her own webcam - and without her knowledge.

Latest Updates.

05-12-2008 - Our second feature has been released, also under a Creative Commons license - head out and watch Dead Man Drinking!

26-07-2008 - We're now listed on the IMDb.

01-07-2008 - We've now set up a system for paypal donations. If you've got some spare change you want to throw our way, here's where to do it.

Getting the film.

We have released our film for free, under the creative commons 3.0, attribution / non-commercial / no deritive works license. You have several choices where to get the movie.

How you can support us.

If you like Insecurity, and want to help the crazy guys who made it with future projects, there's a few easy ways to help out.

  • Purchase a copy of the DVD.
  • Purchase a copy of the soundtrack CD.
  • Purchase an Insecurity t-shirt.
  • Donate some money for our efforts.
  • Let us know! Either drop us an email, or join us on our forums.
  • Tell your friends! Share the link, or a copy of the film in whatever format you have it.
  • Help us distribute it. Help by seeding our torrent file.
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